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a flour tortilla folded around a filling

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It's unique because it fuses the idea of burritos with Indian cuisine.
16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On Thursday, September 17, 2015 TACO DEL MAR will be hosting its first annual Free Baja Burrito Day.
Mi Casa Burritos hot salsa kicks like a horse and it would be great to see them offer something similar.
Most burritos cost PS5, with some extras adding the odd 50p to your total.
Their mission from the inception - to provide guests with an unmatched Mexican flavor experience by offering the freshest and best quality burritos ever tasted, made right in front of your eyes.
Delicious flavours and hefty portions are the main allure of new Mexican restaurant Gordo Burrito
Sloppy's Burritos is designed on the premise that healthy food should be simple, affordable and good for the planet.
com/AbbyWambach/status/257180498521120769) tweeted the news to her 222,000+ followers that she had won free burritos for life at the Denver-based Mexican food chain.
LEADERSHIP: Phil Anson, who founded Phil's Fresh Foods in 2002, partnered with Bear Naked Granola co-founder Brendan Synnott and CFO Thomas Spier to launch EVOL Burritos in early 2009.
When Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly's food critic, wrote a column last year calling San Francisco-style burritos "monstrous," claiming that they're filled with things that "neither God nor man ever intended to see the inside of a tortilla," folks in the Bay Area rushed to their keyboards to defend their own, and a bitter fight ensued.
Though not a formal organization, their operation, known simply as "Bikes and Burritos," encourages students to form deeper connections with their community.
El Monterey Butcher Wrapped Burritos are made with tortillas filled with flavorful ingredients and microwaveabie in less than two minutes.
It's called Boloco, and it's a fledgling chain (the only other California outlet is in San Diego) that serves excellent burritos, made the way you want them.
His reward: three burritos a day for a year plus four 20-burrito parties.
Davey wins because he lives in San Diego, CA, where burritos are better and more plentiful than where the rest of us live.