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having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.

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The amount of burriers we have seen prepared to carry out the runs has exploded in recent years.
Dan Burrier has the insatiable curiosity that stirred David's passion for writing new rules of marketing.
Burrier, New Philadelphia, Ohio; Edris Campbell, Harrisburg, Pa.
The numbers are reflective of pretty steady growth and a healthy economy," noted Dale Burrier, an independent analyst who has collected results for the publication's Top 500 since the 1970s.
Dan Burrier, Chris Curry, Brandon Gibbons, Simone Lewis, John McNeil, Josh
com; Richard Cline or Lauri Burrier, Miller Shandwick
com; or Richard Cline or Lauri Burrier of Miller/Shandwick Technologies, 310-822-4669 or rcline@miller.
com; Sari Gallagher/Lauri Burrier, both of Miller/Shandwick Technologies, 310-822-4669, sgallagher@miller.
com; or Sari Gallagher/Lauri Burrier, both of Miller/Shandwick Technologies, e-mail, 310-822-4669, sgallaghero@miller.