burr oak

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medium to large deciduous oak of central and eastern North America with ovoid acorns deeply immersed in large fringed cups

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The McBaine Bur Oak is located on Burr Oak Road 10.
But what is certain is that they are all intimately included in the Burr Oak rocking horse, made by Stevenson Brothers and auctioned for pounds 35,000 at Sotheby's last year.
Changes in the woody vegetation of a burr oak savanna remnant in central Illinois.
In all there are 10 trees (including maples, ash, beech, burr oak and the obligatory willow) and three rocks of Manhattan schist (borrowed from Central Park).
Just after first light a 2 1/2-year-old 8-pointer came right under my treestand, feeding on burr oak acorns.
Consider planting one of these drought to lerant trees: American plum (Prunus americana), bristlecone pine, burr oak (Quercus macrocarpa), cockspur thorn (Crataegus crus-galli), curl-leaf mountain mahogany (Cercocarpus ledifolius), Gambell oak, common hackberry (Celtis occidentalis), pinon pine, ponderosa pine (Montana's state tree), and upright junipers.
The January 1958 issue advertised "Inspirational Doodling Pads" from Laff-a-Day Publishers in Burr Oak, which depicted a woman with certain anatomy yet to be drawn, as a means for "nervous and restless Hoosier salesmen" to "ease life's daily tension without stopping the wheels of commerce.
Other prominent white oaks include Quercus prinus, the shallow lobed chestnut; Quercus muehlenbergii, or chinkapin oak; Quercus michauxii, also called swamp chestnut; Quercus bicolor or swampwhite; and Quercus macrocarpa, the burr oak.
Travel agents may be perplexed by routing their customers to destinations in Pepin, Wisconsin (site of Little House in the Big Woods), Burr Oak, Iowa (where Laura Ingalls' family ran a hotel), Walnut Grove, Minnesota (On the Banks of Plum Creek), De Smet, South Dakota (Little Town on the Prairie), Independence, Kansas (Little House on the Prairie), and Mansfield, Missouri (last home for Laura Ingalls Wilder and her husband, Almanzo).
Located at 3026 Burr Oak Avenue, Blue Island, IL, the facility will bring primary care experience, exclusively for people with Medicare.
Work by CMS Gas Transmission will start again in April to finish a 24-mile section of a 36-inch natural gas pipeline from Burr Oak to Girard townships.
oor there is a master bedroom and bathroom adjacent to the kitchen with craftsman made burr oak wall and base units under Corian work surfaces.
William Eggers and his wife grow fruit on Burr Oak Farms near Winter set, Iowa.