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Synonyms for burp



  • belch
  • bring up wind
  • eructate
  • hiccup or hiccough

Synonyms for burp

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The 13-year-old from Cleveland Middle School alleges that after he burped, his teacher called the school resource officer, who in turn called the authorities to have him arrested for 'interfering with public education'.
He was my best friend, a brown and tan Doberman called Cromwell, I think the best thing I remember was when my mam and dad took us up Roseberry Topping, he had a bit of coca cola and burped.
Two further Intoximeter tests at the police station gave negative readings, but when police found he had burped just before the second test, they decided to take a sample of blood, which prosecutors argued could be used as evidence that he was over the limit.
But last week, High Court judge Mr Justice Owen overturned To Sang Ng's drink ban, who also burped into the tester.
But you might find that you burped more than usual.