burp gun

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a fully automatic pistol

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The Chinamen said they would watch him and fire a burp gun when he was picked up.
From time to time senior officers would "get a hair up their ass" and instructions would go out to improve saluting habits, avoid sloppy dress or remind troops to wear steel helmets and carry only their authorized weapons (to the chagrin of those who felt that possession of a "captured" -- usually found -- burp gun or other non-issue weapon gave them a "Combat Kelly" cachet).
Belt-fed machine guns are a world far beyond burp guns and assault rifles, both in the complexity of their mechanism and their deployment on the battlefield.
I didn't buy all of my dozens of belt-fed machine guns to make money; I simply was intrigued by their mechanisms, which are so much more complicated than blowback-operated burp guns and gas- or recoil-operated assault rifles.
That "Burp Guns Of Modern Armies" article actually had little in it about burp guns.
Although the little burp guns carry the "PPS" label, they are really more of a visual copy of the predecessors to the PPSh-41, namely the Russian M34/38 and PPD M1940 submachine guns.
To the wide variety of uniforms, weapons and accoutrements that were not in the "scale of issue" but were carried, ranged from Gurkha kukris (popular with the ex-Hong Kong set) to burp guns.