burnt umber

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dark brown pigment obtained by heating umber

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a medium brown to dark-brown color

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For a subtle, antique finish, you would probably use cream, gold and burnt umber but, in a thoroughly-modern home, crackleglaze will look just as lovely over lilac.
Raspberry or cherry sauces and maple syrup were made in much the same way, just altering the different colors of paint, like burnt sienna plus burnt umber for maple syrup.
3-by-8 Burnt umber and tangerine add instant cheer.
Fading green melts into burnt umber on massive trees, the planet's own awe-inspiring cathedrals.
Muted yellow and burnt umber walls, polished floorboards, wooden chairs and linen napery create an informal yet classy look to the place.
In addition, glazes are being used in tones like Van Dyke brown, burnt umber and soft black to complement rather than contrast with base color.
For more conventional tastes, there are still many works to bring pleasure, like the dark, brooding Scottish landscapes, Island Gale and An Sgurr, and Evening At Wasdale Head, in the Lake District, with the white of the snow in the upper reaches contrasting with the burnt umber of the hillsides beneath.
Color of the resin was matched to the patient's skin color by adding burnt umber, yellow ochre and burnt sienna pigments into the monomer and by mixing pink and clear acrylic polymer.
After wiping clean with a damp cloth, a little burnt umber acrylic paint was diluted with 10 parts water, and the brown-coloured liquid was applied over the whole surface with a sponge, following the direction of the wood grain.
Apply two coats of cream emulsion and create an aged look by brushing on a very diluted solution of burnt umber artist's watercolour paint, following the direction of the grain.
Conservancy executive director Joseph Edmiston was riding herd on the work, helping decide whether the burnt umber paint on the outbuildings blended well with the landscape.
Chocolate- and vanilla-layered cliffs, smooth golden domes, and burnt umber towers--some of the most varied and colorful landforms in Utah are in one of that state's least visited national parks.
Ken sketched on the canvas or board with pencil and then did a full value, burnt umber painting where he worked out all the values.
Types of pigments: Blacks (Black/Grey, Complex Inorganic, Carbon Black, Lamp Black); Blues (Complex Inorganic, Ultramarine); Extender pigments (Barium Sulfate); Greens (Chromium, Complex Inorganic); Iron Oxide Pigments (Blacks, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Red/Brown Natural and Synthetic, Burnt Sienna, Metallic Brown, OCHRE, Raw Umber, Van Dyke Brown); Red (Cadmium, Red, Maroon/Orange); Yellow and Oranges (Yellow/Orange, Complex Inorganic)
The form is bathed mostly in a metallic rose lustre with accents of gold, turquoise and burnt umber.