burn out

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  • verb

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melt, break, or become otherwise unusable

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Keywords: teacher burnout, special education, emotional disturbance, role conflict, role ambiguity, Maslach Burnout Inventory
Frauke Muenzel, Publisher at Elsevier said, "As the first journal dedicated to understanding the causes of burnout and potential solutions to the problem, Burnout Research aims to be a global forum, not only for researchers, but also for those directly or indirectly effected by burnout.
Research] suggests when you do such interventions, you can make pretty substantial differences" in physician burnout, Dr.
Women perceived more burnout than men, and also felt slightly more work-home conflict (work demands interfering with work life).
Understanding how contextual factors may contribute to compassion fatigue and burnout can help address a continuing challenge for counselors: protecting their own well-being while providing excellent client care.
At 1 year, burnout among team-care providers remained at about 35% (11), but had fallen to 30% (10) among control-clinic providers.
Burnout is a long-term stress reaction that is generally defined as a loss of enthusiasm for work (emotional exhaustion), feelings of cynicism (depersonalization), and a low sense of personal accomplishment.
H1: Emotional Intelligence will induce a positive effect on Emotional Exhaustion, Personal Accomplishment and Depersonalization and overall Job Burnout dimensions
In burnout, of course, the things that are deep and precious and true--our loved ones, faith, or dearest friends--are precisely the springs needed to refill our hearts.
Burnout and one of its main components--exhaustion--have also been connected with arteriosclerotic disease, cardiovascular disease, elevated cortisol levels, diabetes, insomnia, and poor self-rated health.
Burnout can lead to consequences for the counselor, the organization, and the client.
In 2012, the German business publication Manager Magazin reported the number of burnout cases among companies in the DAX, the German stock index covering the 30 most actively traded blue chip companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
When the warning signs of an impending burnout are ignored, the outcome can be fatal.
Pines [9] considers burnout as a state of physical, emotional, and mental fatigue created in terms of long-term involvement with the emotional demands.