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Burnishing is another word for polishing, but with coatings it means an unwanted increase in gloss or sheen due to scrubbing, spot cleaning, or rubbing/ brushing by furniture or even fingernails (see Figure 2).
Due to its remarkable ability to reduce dust, burning and point build-up when burnishing, the 3M Sky Blue Hi-Performance Bur nish Pad 3050 is ideal for moderate to high traffic areas located within retail environments where floor condition and appearance is critical.
This work presents experimental tests using burnishing techniques after roughing operations.
In the recent past, research was carried out by various researchers on the burnishing process, to optimize the process parameters like force, speed, feed etc both experimentally [1] and analytically [2, 3].
They witnessed the clay change from plasticity (malleable) to leather-hard, when all the burnishing and slip work occurred, through bone dry (greenware) and the final firing stage.
Burnishing the brass and copper fittings and paintwork are Crosby firemen EJ Conway, DJ Shadwell and ER Kettle.
With a roster chock-full of major talents (including such now-familiar names as Laylah Ali, John Bankston, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Julie Mehretu, and Kori Newkirk), "Freestyle" was a watershed event--dramatically raising the artists' profiles, burnishing Golden's already-formidable curatorial reputation, and bringing the museum to the attention of a new generation of viewers.
Abstract: Following paper presents results of attempts of burnishing complex 3D surfaces with CNC milling machines using in first operation toroidal cutting tool and then thrust ball burnishing with spring-actuated pressure.
But pounds 52million should buy a lot of burnishing.
Superoll burnishing tools can finish the inside or outside diameters of any bored, reamed, or turned workpiece to produce an extremely fine, wear-resistant finish (down to 2 micro-inch or less) in a single pass.
This translates into reduced labor costs, and glossy, tough finishes with an excellent response to burnishing.
The second reason that Rove will have trouble burnishing his genius rep is that he works for a Bush, a family that is famously loyal to its retainers, but not famously generous sharing the spotlight with them.
has two new systems for rotary trimming and burnishing bottles.
Veiled sunlight shimmers through delicate aspen leaves, burnishing the painstakingly carved feathers of a bird with outstretched wings.
The 3M 3600 Eraser Burnishing Pad is the newest product of the hard floor maintenance system from 3M Commercial Care.