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Synonyms for pain

Synonyms for pain

a sensation of physical discomfort occurring as the result of disease or injury

one that makes another totally miserable by causing sharp pain and irritation


to cause suffering or painful sorrow to

to have or cause a feeling of physical pain or discomfort

Synonyms for pain

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Burning pains, irritability, loss of memory, a burning throat with hoarseness, a cough with copious purulent expectoration and a burning pain in the chest, may also be present.
Alvarez et al of the Mayo Clinic described 14 cases of PLMT in 2008 in which burning pain often preceded the movements.
RSD/CRPS is characterized by various degrees of burning pain, excessive sweating, swelling, and sensitivity to touch.
It presents as either a burning pain, numbness or tingling in one or more of the limbs and could ultimately lead to limbs or parts of limbs being amputated.
An attack of shingles (caused by the reactivated chickenpox virus, which usually stays dormant in people who had the disease) is typified by burning pain and sensitive skin, followed by a blistering rash that takes weeks to resolve.
These people experience gout, a form of arthritis characterized by sudden bouts of intense, burning pain, often accompanied by stiffness and swelling.
It most often affects one of the arms, legs, hands or feet, and is characterized by intense, burning pain that is out of proportion to the injury, and that worsens over time--often spreading to the entire limb if it begins in the hand or foot--instead of getting better.
There was a burning pain on my right side and I couldn't put any pressure on my leg.
There is a sharp or burning pain behind or near the eyes.
NSU causes inflammation of the urethra which can lead to a burning pain while urinating or a slight discharge beforehand.
As it advances, intense burning pain can become an issue.
There is no widely accepted treatment for plantar fasciitis, a common condition that results from thickening and inflammation of the plantar fascia and causes stabbing or burning pain.
2 : to suffer or affect with sharp quick burning pain <Hail stung their faces.
A constant gnawing or burning pain Located in the upper, central abdomen (but may penetrate into the back) Worse at night or early in the morning Worse if you miss a meal Relieved by food or 'white medicine' such as antacids or milk.