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capable of burning

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The Lahore Compost started production of compost fertilizers besides obtaining energy from the burnable solid waste.
It is now a 40-employee, patent-holding company pulling in about $5 million a year selling gasifier products such as "Power Pallets" and "Power Cubes" to anyone with access to burnable biomass waste, including in Liberia, Haiti, and the Philippines.
Once a satellite reaches its mission's end, a command will tell it to release DragEN, which consists of two parts, one of which is a base, secured to the underside of the spacecraft, and the second one is a ballast, held in place with a small burnable fibre.
A ten-foot diameter surrounding the fire should be kept clear of any litter or burnable material that could keep the fire from spreading.
The Valdez Arts Council sponsors this event, which includes a barbecue, entertainment by 2twice as Good, a bonfire and Your Burnable art, where participants throw art or other items onto the burn pile to symbolize release and letting go.
Such a vast holding of burnable indigenous fuel presented both a substantial boon to a power hungry nation (where only around 15% of the population has access to electricity), as well as a potentially grave risk - through a hazardous spontaneous gas eruption.
Deboer was able to turn to a free, local, burnable source of biomass product, a plant-based waste from a company that extracts oil from herbs.
24, 2012), "Method and System of Making a Burnable Fuel," Burton J.
But if burnable debris contains 100,000 becquerels of radioactive cesium or less, it may be disposed of at a temporary incinerator to be built within the prefecture, according to the officials.
Organic material, such as soya, can be converted into burnable biofuels.
When exposed to heat, the inorganic filler will decom pose to release water vapor, which will cool the system, dilute burnable gases in the flame and create an oxide layer at the interface.
Purpose Energy makes a biodigester that takes the waste byproduct from the brewing process and converts it into a burnable gas.
Jensen is a businessman, in the end, not a philosopher or social scientist, and so at least for him it seems little more important to know precisely why "integrity" is powerful than it is to know the physics or chemistry that makes coal burnable for fuel.
To produce tritium, stainless steel rods containing lithium aluminate and zirconium --called tritium-producing burnable absorber rods (TPBAR)--are irradiated in the Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA) Watts Bar 1 commercial nuclear power reactor.