burn plant

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very short-stemmed plant with thick leaves with soothing mucilaginous juice


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Oleson says that he was comfortable with the operation and plans to take documents to the burn plant once a year.
They will benefit from a period of hardening-off to prepare them for breezes that draw moisture from succulent and the unfiltered rays of the too-bright sun, which can burn plant tissue.
Everguard will not burn plant growth and is effective on any leaf, bud or flower.
IN THE MIX From left, UK Coal's Trevor Thorne, Koast Radio presenter Erin Burton and Potland Burn plant welder Patrick Phillips
Mr McDowell told how plans to build a mass burn plant at Ringsend, Co Dublin, had collapsed.
Protection from wind is important and now would be a good time to plant hedges and trees and plant-friendly de-icing products, rather than salt which can burn plant leaves, should be used on icy paths.
In 1994, 70 percent of market revenues will come from mass burn plants, 22 percent RDF (refuse derived fuel)-fired plants, 4 percent modular plants and 4 percent RDF-combustion and other plants, says the report, U.