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clear land of its vegetation by burning it off

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The fire was set by the department to burn off areas at risk of burning out of control and to train firefighters and inmate ground crews.
Apples, cherries or grapes help burn off the alcohol.
The National Weather Service predicted fog in the morning, but it is expected to burn off by the afternoon in Valley areas, with temperatures rising to about 80 degrees.
The calories you burn off while walking don't seem a lot - but they soon mount up.
The grant from the California Integrated Waste Management Board will be used to install a new flare to burn off excess gas and to bury gas collection pipes that are now above ground.
But you'll need to repeat the trek on Saturday and Sunday to burn off the additional calories you consume on Christmas Day if you supplement your turkey dinner with a starter, bread sauce, brandy butter, cream, mince pies - and that's before touching the booze and some chocolate or fudge given to you by a considerate relative.
Just one brownie would take at least 20 minutes of vigorous physical activity to burn off, Fenwick projected.
As users burn off inventory in 2001 and 2002, the merchant market for semi-insulating GaAs substrates wafers is expected to grow at a reduced five year CAAGR (compound annual average growth rate) of 11% by area.
YOU need to do cardiovascular work to burn off that spare tyre.
Then we're supposed to stay cool under the crank shaft while Buddy and Jimmie and Junior burn off more petroleum product in a couple of hours than we could ever hope to do in a calendar year.
Luciano, 62, even decided to burn off more calories with a little light exercise rather than just sunning himself by the pool .
Though it's not practical to burn off all of the older chaparral -- there is too much -- foresters have found it prudent to selectively burn several-thousand-acre patches within older tracts, essentially creating a mosaic of forest with varying combustibility.
Although it only took me 55 minutes to burn off more than 300 calories I think given the choice I would go for the shopping trip even if it did take five hours to burn 315calories.
A great way to get some fresh air, burn off calories, and make your neighbours jealous with the smartest garden on the street, is to do a bit of gardening.
If you're trying to lose weight, it helps to know just how much exercise you'll have to do to burn off the biscuits you couldn't resist