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a place or area that has been burned (especially on a person's body)

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Mother of the child accused the maid of burning her with a hot tool after she found burn marks on her baby's left thigh while giving her a bath.
When asked by a social worker about the burn mark on the hand she gave no explanation for it.
BIG CELEBRATION - Stacey Moore, managing director Laura Maddison, Laura Sharpe and Catherine Burn mark Altitude's second birthday and its commercial success
She is described as white, 5ft 2in tall, with short dark hair and a burn mark to the left ear and left arm.
He left a "plug timer" which he hoped would spark an explosion and burn Mark Bell and James Park to death.
A six-inch burn mark had scarred His throat before other teengers could cut him do an.
Mr Knox said: "He found a number of marks that were photographed and these included a burn mark on her cheek, other marks on her torso and also what the Crown says is a cigarette burn to her knee and elbow.
It left a 4ft-square burn mark on the wall, but the rest of the house was not badly damaged.
He has a scar near his temple, a burn mark on the left side of his face and a scar on his left eyebrow.
Cars under pounds 4,000 are devalued by approximately pounds 50 for each burn mark according to the research.
I go: 'It was nothing, just a burn mark from my machine gun
Relieved David, from Norwich, said yesterday: "Apart from a burn mark on my heel I seem to have survived intact.
The female, white-haired hamster squealed as Horsley, laughing, held a hot iron on its head for a few seconds, leaving a burn mark.
The shock went through his hand and down his spine before exiting from his back, leaving a burn mark.
The man suffered burn marks on his hand and a perforated eardrum.