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coarse jute fabric


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Orangutans are given burlap bags to wrap themselves in and the chimpanzees enjoy drinking hot ginger tea to warm up.
It is a process of filling a series of individual burlap sacks with soil, manure and pebbles for drainage.
The workers occupied the Greif burlap bag factory after managers failed to meet their demands over improving the conditions in their new contracts.
From the burlap, cut one cozy body and one cozy base.
Conversely, Burn, during a nearly contemporaneous career, began his art with the telling disorder of the burlap constructions.
The contestants just had to show up encased in burlap and white plaster and be at least 65 million years old.
Set a potted mini cypress on a plastic saucer, wrap in a burlap bag, and nail the drawstring to your door (adding a twig of barberry if you like).
Placing it on burlap, keeps the clay from sticking to the board.
Q: I had some trees planted in September 2010, and today (in October 2011), I noticed that the nylon rope that was holding the burlap to the tree was never removed.
The robot's gripper arm was tearing the burlap bags and spilling coffee beans on the floor.
has collected and recycled 10 million pounds of burlap, the company said.
He said the stuff had been imported from Pakistan in burlap bags of urea to use them in insurgent activities.
Families are invited to create winter scenes on burlap scrolls, 10 a.
Before covering the roots of your new plant, you should cut away as much of its burlap wrapper as possible.
A friend had told about burlap with which he reinforced the back of his work.