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Synonyms for burl

the wood cut from a tree burl or outgrowth

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a large rounded outgrowth on the trunk or branch of a tree

soft lump or unevenness in a yarn


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remove the burls from cloth

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Karelian birch burl requires slow, careful drying to avoid tension checking and warping.
Burl said that he had no relevant conflicts to disclose.
Unlike Burl, who writes at a level to suit all readers, about his own observations and properly quoting the material of others, and Gibson who will satisfy the initiated through solid research, Pitts has overplayed the popular card, and the book, for all its collection of useful points, is oversold.
Meanwhile, all eyes are focused on a 150-year-old Mississippi courtroom - to see the tobacco industry fighting for its life over the death of barber Burl.
with headquarters near Mendocino, CA, san typical uses for redwood burl include inlay and marquetry.
If you understand the finish techniques and get a handle on them, you can get some truly beautiful effects out of redwood and redwood burl.
Dr Burl said: "I always assumed the builders of Stonehenge were Britons, but now I believe otherwise.
Mappa burl, from the European poplar trees (Populus nigra to be exact), has grown more and more popular as a dashboard veneer, according to Ben Cliff, an owner of Renaissance Specialty Veneer Products (RSVP) in Columbus, IN.
today named independent director and media veteran Burl Osborne as its Interim CEO, replacing Scott Flanders, who resigned to take the CEO post at Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
The pattern is "a mixture of plain wood, mottle, cluster, blistered, stump and burl figure with a scattering of dark purple blotches," according to the book's authors.
on Tuesday dismissed the charges against Burl and Judy Looney after prosecutors said they were unable to proceed with the case.
While these attributes have made the redwood a national treasure, it is the vavona burl that catches the woodworker's eye.
Burl Looney, 56, and Judy Looney, 54, of Palmdale are charged with forgery, attempted elder fiduciary abuse and attempted grand theft against Joseph Wickers, who died last month at a Littlerock board-and-care home.
When in the burl form, narra's wood is usually referred to as amboyna burl - that name coming from Amboyna Island, another place the trees can be found.
Another sample is a tall, brown, vaselike piece with lacy looking cutouts, made from a manzanita burl.