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a loose garment (usually with veiled holes for the eyes) worn by Muslim women especially in India and Pakistan


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BURKA terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed is seeking damages from the Government in a human rights legal challenge involving allegations of torture, it was revealed at the High Court yesterday.
Mohamed entered a west London mosque on Friday in Western-style clothes but CCTV images showed him leaving with his face and body fully covered by a burka - the traditional Islamic garment for women.
Sir Gerald said the Home Secretary should back the Cabinet minister after it emerged terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed escaped surveillance by disguising himself in a burka.
In the 1970s, Israel had seized several hundred acres from residents of the West Bank village of Burka to build the Israeli settlement of Homesh.
But the burka, also spelled burqa, has some activists concerned--not the Taliban, but a handful of Western-educated Pakistanis who object to the sheetlike covering worn in public by many devout Muslim women.
Burka Avenger is a teacher and has secret martial arts skills, and uses them to fight against people who want to shut down girls' school, where she works.
She drinks iced water to speed up her metabolism and never eats carbs after 4pm, which, quite frankly, starts to make that burka look like a better option than ever.
In January, the Dutch had voted to ban burkas and other face-covering garments from public places.
Perry's has never been a really outstanding debater," Burka said.
Burka and her fellow-Ethiopian Meskerem Assefa began to mount their challenge from behind, while Mimi virtually dropped out of the leading group.
I WOULD like to add my views in response to the readers who want to ban the burka because it hides the wearer's face.
10) concerning the wearing and prohibition of the burka and niquab were excellent.
Decisive action is also needed here to avoid a rush of burka refugees.
Dear Editor, I am shocked by the attempt of the French government to ban the wearing of the facial veil - usually called the burka - by Muslim women in France.