burial vault

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a burial chamber (usually underground)

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As an alternative, purchasers may choose a burial vault, which includes a method designed to resist the entrance of water or other substances.
Embalming, expensive sealed caskets and burial vaults are not required by law.
He cites examples like a burial vault with multi-radii surfaces, the skin of a fire truck comprising more than a dozen parts, and a recreational boat deck that incorporates intricate mounts and cutouts.
They were intended to receive human remains - up to 30 bodies were found in the chamber at Lligwy, which has a capstone weighing over 25 tons, suggesting that at least one of its functions was to serve as a burial vault.
Also, there is no law requiring an expensive burial vault.
He will be linking the night's varied programmes while playing archaeological detective during an excavation to reveal the secrets of a burial vault deep beneath the city centre.
Doric's "Lydian" burial vault, meanwhile, seems a fine receptacle to encase one's Summerfield.
Wilbert Burial Vault of Greenville - operating in ten upstate counties since 1947 - announced today that its CEO Boyd Anderson has been named as president of the Wilbert Manufacturers Association (WMA) Board of Directors.
Families of firefighters, law enforcement officers and emergency medical personnel receive, at no charge, a Wilbert Stainless Steel Triune burial vault when traditional burial is chosen.
By the time you read this, I will have attended UE Certificate presentations at the Ketcheson Family Reunion in Adolphustown, Ontario, the Sir John Johnson Family Burial Vault Re-Consecration Ceremony in Mont-Saint-Gregoire, Quebec, and the 40th Anniversary of Grand River Branch in Brantford, Ontario.
The Air-Seal Burial Vault design is based on the scientific principle that trapped air forms a lasting seal.
Richie owned and operated Plante Burial Vault Company for many years and was an Army veteran during the Vietnam War, serving in Germany.
CONSTRUCTION workers uncovered a long-lost family burial vault as they built a supermarket.
London, November 01 (ANI): The burial vault above the grave of Marilyn Monroe found no takers in a recent auction.
A VANDAL who smashed open an ancient coffin and played football with a child's head in a burial vault was given six years' detention yesterday.