burial vault

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a burial chamber (usually underground)

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Department of the Interior to provide burial vaults for veterans buried in national cemeteries managed by the National Park Service, including Andrew Johnson National Cemetery in Greeneville, Tenn.
As an alternative, purchasers may choose a burial vault, which includes a method designed to resist the entrance of water or other substances.
We knew there had to be a dwelling not too far from the burial vault.
Because water had got into a cracked burial vault and damaged the original coffin, Baumgardner swapped it with Oswald's family for a new one.
We're talking decades of backbreaking labor, at huge expense of money and human life, to build a burial vault.
More than 20 offers, starting at EUR348,835, were received for the burial vault above the remains of the Hollywood star, located in the Westwood Village Memorial Park in Los Angeles.
While some may regard this form of burial as odd, remember that Jesus was laid to rest in a shroud without embalming or a burial vault.
Twelve mummified corpses (below) have been unearthed during excavations of an Amazonian burial vault.
They were intended to receive human remains - up to 30 bodies were found in the chamber at Lligwy, which has a capstone weighing over 25 tons, suggesting that at least one of its functions was to serve as a burial vault.
Also, there is no law requiring an expensive burial vault.
He will be linking the night's varied programmes while playing archaeological detective during an excavation to reveal the secrets of a burial vault deep beneath the city centre.
Doric's "Lydian" burial vault, meanwhile, seems a fine receptacle to encase one's Summerfield.
In chapter LVI, Nell is shown the church burial vault by the old sexton.
He encounters Paris, kills him, and finds Juliet in the burial vault.
The merchandise which the funeral director sells is normally limited to the casket and burial vault, although burial clothes and grave markers are usually available.