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a mayor of a municipality in Germany or Holland or Flanders or Austria

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Goebel held here the position of Kellner, a combination of burgomaster, steward, and judge, on behalf of the Archbishop-Elector of Cologne, by then Maximilian Friedrich von Konigsegg-Rothenfels (1708-84).
The Burgomaster, M Van de Maulebrock, answered the general's speech of thanks.
SHOPPING AWAITS: Left and | |above, the Mayor of Bootle Alderman Oliver Ellis and the deputy Burgomaster of Mons, Monsieur P.
In a triumph of authorial presence, Kafka arranges for his character to be met by the Burgomaster who "receives him in the name of the city.
Thus, Aloys Kaufmann (1772-1847), the burgomaster of Teschen (Silesia) bitterly bewailed the fact that Luther's teachings 'had undermined the concord among the peaceful town dwellers of our native city' and ignited 'the flames of discord'.
During the night of May 10-11, 1535, around forty Anabaptists managed to occupy Amsterdam's city hall, killing several burghers, members of the militia, and a burgomaster.
Altdorfer's rule was narrower, although he was nominated as Burgomaster.
This didactic type of verse was rather widespread at the time: similar verses can, for instance, be found in the books of brothers of the Tallinn Black Heads and on the tombstone of a burgomaster in Gdansk (Danzig), Philipp Bischof.
After being relieved, the officer came back through my headquarters and showed me a file of statements given him--by request, I am sure--by the burgomaster of all towns his division had passed through.
In spite of this goal, however, she does not emphasize her corrections to past publications, such as the fact that Merian "was a Calvinist, not a Lutheran, that she went to Suriname with her younger, not her older daughter, that she was not sponsored by Nicolaes Witsen, burgomaster of Amsterdam, nor by the scholarly physician and collector Frederik Ruysch, that she did not die in poverty, and so on" (13).
Hooft, a burgomaster of Amsterdam, spoke out against the imprisonment of a religious dissident.
In 2004 the Douglas Pennant family sold The Burgomaster of Delft, by Jan Steen, which is two years older than the Rembrandt, to the Rijksmuseum for pounds 8.
Jan van Nieuwenhove (son of Klaas), a relative of Maarten Lem, became burgomaster in 1482, and Moreel himself succeeded him in 1483.