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Synonyms for burgle



Synonyms for burgle

commit a burglary

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The same night Ward burgled a flat in nearby Bodafon Road, when he stole jewellery, money and other items while a couple slept.
Burglary can be a terrible experience and, disappointingly, the figures show that there is a strong possibility of being burgled again.
That's why you took the keys to his address and burgled it.
A new front door had been fitted when the flat was burgled four weeks ago - but that's been damaged in the latest burglary.
Let's hope that this judge feels the same if his home is burgled.
Officers are keen to speak to anyone who may have seen two men acting suspiciously at around 3pm near to the house that was burgled.
Shadow defence secretary Liam Fox described being burgled at home as "not a very nice feeling" of being burgled while he was at home.
Fortunately, I soon realised the school had not been burgled, as the mounted unit was now chatting to a group of delighted, squealing children assembled outside (it was the officer doing the chatting, obviously, not the horse).
LITTLE Britain star David Walliams was burgled as he helped raise cash for Sport Relief yesterday.
Liverpool stars Pepe Reina, Daniel Agger and Peter Crouch have also been burgled while playing for the club in Europe recently.
A CRIME-hit couple fear they could be forced to move out of their home for a second time -because they cannot get insurance after being burgled TEN times.
A Home Office study has found that two years after a burglary, elderly victims are more than twice as likely to be dead or in residential care than pensioners who have not been burgled.
Kosztor, who is 75 years old, apparently burgled five homes, two of which were owned by local police, but was caught as she attempted to board a train at a local railway station.
Forty-eight percent of all burgled properties that are alarmed and 60 percent of all burgled non-alarmed properties are located more than three blocks away from major roads.
A DRUG dealer who burgled houses in North Wales to steal high-powered cars off the drives has been jailed for six years.