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secure against burglary

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In fact, nine out of 10 home break-ins could have been prevented if homeowners knew how to burglarproof their homes, notes the I.
Making your home burglarproof and your trip problem-free mainly involves common sense but timely reminders are always welcome.
A crooked hypnotist uses unwitting insurance investigator Woody Allen to steal gems from homes he's made burglarproof.
Otis Boykin's variable resistor has been used in guided missiles, a burglarproof cash register, a chemical air filter and a control unit for heart stimulators.
Because something sprouts from every corpse, because no skin is airtight and no secret is burglarproof, slow as gold spring begins under the snow.
Privacy, for example, is just as important as security to many homeowners, so sacrificing an 8-foot-tall front hedge to make a home more burglarproof may not hold much appeal.