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Synonyms for burglarize

to enter forcibly or illegally

Synonyms for burglarize

commit a burglary

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It all began last October, when Kotlaba was arrested and charged with burglarizing four local businesses, including a Hirons store on East 18th Avenue.
Edward Monreal, 23, of North Hollywood, and Jesse Ruben Valverde, 24, of Panorama City, were arrested at 3:30 Wednesday morning by undercover officers who saw them burglarizing a home near Bellaire Avenue and Victory Boulevard, officials said.
were arrested around dawn Friday on charges of burglarizing town offices in the New Hampshire municipalities of Hillsboro and Windsor.
Schroder, 28, pleaded guilty to burglarizing the churches at a previous court hearing.
on July 23, he found that a criminal duo, later identified as Joseph Emerich and Brett Sumner, were in his house, burglarizing it.
Sheriff's Office reported that two neighbors responded to the sound of breaking glass and interrupted two young men burglarizing a store in Beavercreek.
He also admitted burglarizing Phifer's house twice earlier.
John Bradley Wymore, 33, of Harrisburg, was arrested Wednesday and charged with burglarizing Western Asphalt Paving in Springfield.
LAKE LOS ANGELES - A car carrying two men and a woman suspected of burglarizing dozens of homes led authorities on a 90 mph chase across three Southern California counties on Wednesday.
Dominguez was burglarizing his neighbor's house when the armed homeowner confronted him.
Subsequent investigation showed that the suspects had been burglarizing mailboxes on the east side of Palmdale all night,'' said Sgt.
A Llano man was shot and killed while he was allegedly burglarizing cars in front of a home, and a Palmdale man was beaten to death by his ex-wife's new husband after he allegedly threatened to shoot him.
Friday were arrested on suspicion of burglarizing a nearby elementary school, officials said.
LANCASTER - A state appeals court has upheld a reputed gang member's conviction for two 1999 attacks, in which he beat a gay man as well as a man who had accused him of burglarizing his car.
Police have released this composite drawing of a women suspected of burglarizing homes.