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  • verb

Synonyms for burglarize

to enter forcibly or illegally

Synonyms for burglarize

commit a burglary

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BEIRUT: A north Lebanon resident shot and wounded a man allegedly attempting to burglarize his home Thursday, the state-run National News Agency reported.
For instance, Al-Asri Arabic English dictionary (1993), Al-Mawrid Arabic English dictionary (2000) and A dictionary of modern written Arabic (1974), three widely circulated Arabic-English dictionaries, list the following as English equivalents of the word saraqa 'steal': steal, rob, pinch, plunder, burglarize (burgle), filch, crib, cabbage, kidnap, etc.
Joseph Murphy McRae got himself killed when he and his buddy Jeffrey Liles tried to ram a van through the front door of a coffee shop in Mount Gilead, North Carolina, so that they could burglarize it.
STUDIO CITY -- Two suspects who attempted to burglarize a Studio City Hills home were at large Friday night after a neighbor unknowingly helped one of them escape, but they left their vehicle at the scene, police said.
He also admitted trying to burglarize a sixth residence.
In August, David Dominguez tried to burglarize his neighbor's Arlington, Virginia, house and got himself shot, reported the Arlington Sun-Gazette.
His behavior is analogous to driving someone to a home so that they may burglarize the home.
Miranda apparently intended to burglarize the home by entering via the garage, but was unable to gain entry to the residence that way.