burglar alarm

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a loud warning signal produced by a burglar alarm

a warning device that is tripped off by the occurrence of a burglary

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And on Tuesday, they said the burglar alarm industry's failure to turn over complete lists of alarm customers crippled the city's efforts to track alarm calls and penalize people who don't have city permits or whose homes or offices trigger too many false alarms.
Debra Kirk, told me, burglar alarm calls, which generally come from an alarm monitoring company on an non-911 phone line, are given low priority by dispatchers.
Chief Legislative Analyst Ron Deaton, who had chaired a task force of residents and burglar alarm industry representatives, urged the delay.
Nearly a year ago, the LAPD and commission had wanted to stop responding to burglar alarms entirely, but the council forced adoption of a policy that requires the LAPD to respond to home or business alarms unless there had been two previous false alarms in a one-year period.
Supply, Delivery and Installation of Fire and Burglar Alarm Systems at LANDBANK Plaza ACMD
UL) for Central Station Burglar Alarm System, one of the top listings UL can certify for a mercantile monitoring station.
Contract awarded for One Lot Supply, Delivery and Installation of Fire and Burglar Alarm Systems at LBP Gapan and Dapitan Branches
Burglar alarm, accidental/defective alarm, Britney Drive.
Main positions - 2 pieces of fire alarm panels, fire information center- 50 manual call points,- 40 heat detectors,- 1 piece burglar alarm panel,- 10 motion,- 12 units burglar alarm systems for different doors,- Security lighting,- About 2 100 m Art core cable,- About 1 850 m laying systems,- About 39 150 m cable and wires.
Hahn's staff hammered out the last-minute deal allowing burglar alarm users two false alarms before they are required to have live confirmation of a break-in to get police to show up for further alarm calls.
Contract awarded for Supply, delivery and installation of fire and burglar alarm systems at lbp gapan and dapitan branches
The recommendation angered the members of the Burglar Alarm Task Force who had spent hours reviewing data and laboring over the proposed alternative.
Before that, Boteler spent 11 years at Denver Burglar Alarm Co.
Automatic burglar alarm, Commerce Bank and Trust Co.
Even after the assignment, if shootings, homicides, assaults or other high-priority crimes occur, they will get response before the burglar alarm does.