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a citizen of an English borough


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Dutch Burgher House Interiors in the Age of Prosperity brings together arts and crafts objects and rebuilds an image of the burgher house, which is one of the key images of 17th century Dutch art.
But the Dutch Burgher Union, a dusty, atmospheric members club built a century ago, dishes up Colombo's best in its modern cafe.
19 August 2014 - US property valuation and consulting company Butler Burgher Group (BBG) said it had acquired New York City-based sector player Leitner Group Inc without revealing the financial particulars of the deal.
To a burgher like Weinsberg, the paper and words he used were potent means of acting in the world and forming a "paper memory" to pass on his legacy.
Ginn has 14 years of experience in environmental consulting that includes careers at Butler Burgher Real Estate Group and American Civil Engineering Services.
Moving from the governing families to the upper ranks of noble and burgher estates are entries by Elena Brizio, Jamie Smith, Shennan Hutton, and Mauro Carboni.
The title, Left Behinder is taken from a poem by Jean Arasanayagam, a Dutch burgher Sri Lankan writer.
The Burgher and the Whore: Prostitution in Early Modern Amsterdam.
Joel Burgher, 23, told police that he had no intention of harvesting the plants or of making a profit from his circle of friends.
Attending the bride as her maids of honor were the bride's cousins, Susan Claire Burgher and Abigail Anne Burgher.
the bearded burgher, at the center of the monument of six
Boutique corporate law firm Bryant Burgher Jaffe & Roberts LLP announced that it has added seven attorneys--including three new partners--with substantial experience in tax, private equity, real estate finance, structured finance and ERISA matters.
Alan Bean (AC) centre, hosts District Judges Parker and Cardinal Paul Mawer with Deborah Shaw and Andrea Seale (both AC) Natasha Foster (AC) with Rebecca Franklin Jon Lloyd (AC) with Dylan Carroll, Marian Webb and Donna Holmes (AC) Emma Sephton with Liz Hawthorne-Roberts and Lesa Mallin (AC) Rosa Dickinson, Chris Watson, William Baker and Carolyn Jones Jan Channer, Anne Crerar, Julia Campbell and Carole Burgher (AC) District Judge Dowding with Nevine Zaki and Kelly Brown (both AC)
However, there are reasons to believe Edin Burgher may run better than that stat suggests in the 6.
the richest burgher in the town, Sir Eustache de Saint-Pierre, got up and said: "Gentlemen, it would be a great shame to allow so many people to starve to death, if there were any way of preventing it.