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Synonyms for burgeon

Synonyms for burgeon

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grow and flourish

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Drawing on the recent materialist studies by Wayne, Douglas Bruster, and Jean-Christophe Agnew, Martin posits that the moral critiques of dramatists like Middleton and Jonson developed an introspective, skeptical dimension that attuned them to the destabilizing forces of the burgeoning urban economy.
We, as medical managers and leaders, continue to face burgeoning, indeed pioneering, concepts in the process of delivering health care.
WHILE THE BURGEONING SERVICE FROM BRAZIL'S RECENTLY liberalized telecom industry is taking headlines, the fervor for more privatization and deregulation seems to be quietly waning.
Even then his awareness of the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement informed his decisions.
Is the burgeoning use of hedge funds threatening the stability of the American banking system?
While information systems was a burgeoning market, high-tech companies were still considered risky businesses.
But there is little awareness yet of the burgeoning electricity superhighway, a sprawling network of power lines that links most Americans to hundreds of electricity producers.
3 Burgeoning Power Demand and Soaring Fossil Fuel Prices to Stimulate Nuclear Power Growth in ME&A despite Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
To accommodate their burgeoning staff size the firm has doubled its office size, acquiring additional space in their building at 21st and Fifth Avenue.
We are known for comfort foods in a warm setting with great service," says McDonagh of the burgeoning bistro, which was renovated in spring 2005.
Chapters address such topics as reality, identity, life and death, wars and nations, economics and education, and more, and the role that this burgeoning form of expanded understanding and empathy plays.
Readers are not asked to clutter their minds with the actual outcomes in Iraq and Afghanistan--the continuing American casualties, the burgeoning heroin production or unsavory deals with despots in Central Asia.
The burgeoning China trade and an influx of Irish immigrants in the mid-19th century spurred the process.
A glossary, a profile of Islam and the prophet Muhammad and a section on the 99 names of Allah round out this offering, a sound introduction to this burgeoning religion.
His broad-based knowledge and experience provided invaluable insights into this burgeoning investment area.