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Synonyms for burg

a large and important town

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colloquial American term for a town

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Frye and Burg enjoy meeting new people wherever we take them.
And as he continues to justify terrorists who kill, in 2015 Burg proclaimed that "Zionism is Over.
Available in purple and black, the BURG 12 is a phone that can be paired with all iOS and Android devices, so you don't have to worry about which phone model you're using now (or in the future) since BURG works with them all.
Burg explained himself; he is only capable of presenting the Israeli view on the situation.
Burg makes it clear that he is not equating Israel's past behavior with what happened in Nazi Germany, but he does see disturbing similarities between Israel and "the Germany that preceded Hitler.
Burg believes that just as Germans demonized Jews as the enemy who must be defeated at all costs, so Israel has transformed Arabs into personifications of absolute evil, an enduring threat to the very existence of the Jewish people.
BUrg is so skint, in fact, that he is selling his Wimbledon trophies, his rackets and all his tennis memorabilia to ensure that he can be financially secure in the future.
Barb Burg, a Bantam spokeswoman, wouldn't disclose how much he'll be paid.
Also like Ruggie, Burg is what I like to call a "national security liberal," a person who sees the American national interest linked to promoting a particular kind of world order first outlined by Woodrow Wilson, one where democratic governments unite institutionally to promote openness in international trade and investment and cooperation for security.
As the new president of International China, Gene Burg has several plans to improve the company's product mix.
Scientists do have a few clues about what makes a protein thermophilic, says Bertus Van den Burg of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.
Under vice president and general manager Lee Burg, Apothecon tripled its sales between 1989 and last year to an estimated $300 million.
LOS ANGELES & CHICAGO -- Across Systems announced today that Burg Translations, a leading Chicago-based translation company, has selected the Across Language Server as its translation management system to support its customers in the medical, technical, legal and business industries.
His manager, Mark Burg, who is also a producer on "Two and a Half Men," said "there is no time frame" for the 45-year-old to rejoin the series, which went on hiatus following his decision to seek treatment.
According to Make Believe's vocalist Tim Kinsella--a punk/ indie-rock legend in his own right based on his work with Cap'n Jazz and Joan of Arc--his new outfit was just a natural Outgrowth of the collective interests of he and the rest of the members: drummer Nate Kinsella, bassist Bobby Burg and guitarist Sam Zurick.