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measuring instrument consisting of a graduated glass tube with a tap at the bottom

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James Buret, a UDF member who contested and lost in the national elections in April, told the Sudan Tribune by phone from Pibor that Mr.
The rub-out of a weighed amount of pigment is made on a glass plate or marble slab as linseed oil is slowly dripped from a dropping bottle or buret.
mercenaria in many areas of Narragansett Bay (Rice & Goncalo 1995, Buret 1997), the percentages of quahogs exhibiting ripe gonads in the conditional areas was 90% for Conditional Area A and 70% for Conditional Area B, whereas at the nearby Providence River sites the quahogs exhibiting gonad ripeness were 25% and 33% for Providence River Sites 1 and 2, respectively.
In accordance with this contemporary usage, anyone who tried seriously to address the massive problems of poverty and unemployment endemic in France was a "socialist," and the term was applied to such influential figures as Sismondi, Ledru-Rollin, Proudhon, Eugene Buret, and Constantin Pecqueur.
Aisenberg analyses at great length the classic hygiene treatises of Louis Villerme, Eugene Buret, and Honore Fregier, all written during the July Monarchy, for evidence of these views.
If that image was a picture of a beaker or a buret, you could not change the number of graduations nor the numbers printed on them.