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Synonyms for bureaucracy

Synonyms for bureaucracy

nonelective government officials

a government that is administered primarily by bureaus that are staffed with nonelective officials

any organization in which action is obstructed by insistence on unnecessary procedures and red tape

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In this direction the significant negative influence is given by formalization, bureaucratization of management over social and economic processes.
The next section analyzes the factors hindering the bureaucratization of the movement in Turkey.
And if bureaucracy is bad for business, bureaucratization is devastating for the legislative system.
Any philosophy that arrogates to art the authority to disclose meanings that get broken off in the process of the rationalization and bureaucratization of modern life--meanings that arise, in short, from social injury--but then seeks to establish the grounds for securing such authority institutionally ought at least to be ambivalent about the very idea of institutional authority.
The playbook is "a step in exactly the wrong direction, a further bureaucratization of the CIA's paramilitary killing program" over the legal and moral objections of civil liberties groups, said Hina Shamsi, director of the American Civil Liberty Union's National Security Project.
The bureaucratization of everything private is enslaving and progressively destroying all productive enterprise, particularly small and mid-sized businesses and new market entrants, while rapidly transforming previously vibrant markets into dull and dysfunctional ones that neither can innovate nor employ those with talent.
Whereas the Soviets quickly shifted their focus from winning a revolution to regime consolidation and bureaucratization, the CCP fought a protracted struggle, during which they were chased throughout the country by numerous foes.
Perry said doctors who want to escape lawsuits and the bureaucratization of health care are welcome to move to Texas.
I expect Neier would be loath to admit this fact, because he was a central actor in the Americanization and bureaucratization of human rights.
This study aims at building a model of analysis of the perception of public employees on organizational performance and, at the same time, revealing civil servants' perception on the phenomenon of corruption and bureaucratization within Romanian public administration.
Ibn Hajar is said to have taken a newly formal and inclusive approach in presenting the hierarchy of saints (atiliya)) in his al-Fatawa Niadithiyya, perhaps a reflection of both the contemporary coalescence of Sufi communities into orders and the Ottoman bureaucratization and hierarchization of the eilmine.
doctors should make the most of this status, as the arrival of mandatory one size fits all clinical guidelines from federal CER could well soon result in a Germanic style bureaucratization of U.
Consequently, the existence of rules within companies does not necessarily signal the presence of a bureaucratic structure or of procedures of bureaucratization, if the rules have been subjected to ratification by a market that has made them a precondition of its functioning and can redefine them at any time.
Spencer's territorial-expansion model argues that states arise through a mutual-causal process involving simultaneous territorial expansion and bureaucratization.
As an embodiment of the bureaucratization of personal tragedy that total war brought to millions, it is a compelling document.