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If observing this sad, often desperate, bureaucratically degrading process, which currently shows no signs of abating, doesn't convince you that Las Vegas is a "real city," then I don't know what would.
It is ironical, that while people in other countries usual complaints their municipalities are far too slowly and far too bureaucratically, in the UAE it is the exact opposite.
I recognize more clearly now the wisdom of Congress and the OPS in choosing performance-based safety regulation of pipelines, compared to some command-and-control bureaucratically chosen regime.
Leaving aside the fact that power at the top is much more bureaucratically institutionalized in China than it was in Mao Zedong's day (a good thing), certainly this visit is hugely important.
40) in relation to the biblical scapegoat ritual (Leviticus 16) to elucidating treatments of the bureaucratically useless Gezer calendar and the politically significant morphology of the letter yod.
The worlds of higher ed and public ed grapple with such "fundamentally different issues," he says, that they tend to be managed separately even in the few states where they are bureaucratically combined.
But when simple cut-and-paste type errors are not caught or when larger organizations cannot bureaucratically understand or handle such a simple problem, what happens?
Insiders working on the issue also suggested that DOS did not match up bureaucratically inside the fight.
Yes, some organizations foster pain when they ration services, operate bureaucratically and focus primarily on the bottom line.
America's decades-old, bureaucratically labyrinthine system does not serve
I'm not sure Obama deserves blame for the swine flu problem, but he has appeared to me to be bureaucratically innocent, as the ineffective implementation of his program to aid those threatened with foreclosure has demonstrated.
He cites the Clinton administration's "strategic foreign-policy failure" in not having organized itself bureaucratically to respond to the threat from Bin Laden in Afghanistan.
In defending his Cabinet's decision to grant Xi an audience with the emperor, Hatoyama said diplomatic matters should not be handled bureaucratically but with care.
And Rick Hillier[TM] certainly wouldn't be the first retired general to turn undermanned, bureaucratically handcuffed missions that they nonetheless decided to lead into lucrative post-military careers; heck, one even got a Senate scat out of it.
The State Department remains bureaucratically opposed to both the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and successive Secretaries of State have refused to remove Senior Executive Service (SES) officials from the Department who have been sabotaging the war effort.