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needlessly time-consuming procedure


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Here, Islam and Muslims help right-wing parties express their political extremism, justify their support for Israel and further complicate the bureaucratic procedure of granting visas.
Some companies may use it, if the bureaucratic procedure is not over-long, but in a period in which companies' main concern is survival, through cost cutting, the minister should not be surprised if her offer is ignored.
Skopje is guided by the deadline in November, because it is clear they wish to be admitted as a member during a major event when all important members of the Alliance are present instead of having the membership announced at another moment as a result of a bureaucratic procedure," Kathimerini says.
According to the Israeli anti-settlement group, Peace Now Over the years, Israel has used a number of legal and bureaucratic procedures in order to appropriate West Bank lands, with the primary objective of establishing settlements and providing land reserves for them.
Analog-systems that required weeks of bureaucratic procedures have been abandoned.
He spoke about the simplified bureaucratic procedures, the low costs for doing business and the flat tax rate.
He pointed out that some families are not aware of the role designated to protection homes, in addition to the existence of long bureaucratic procedures whereas some cases need quick intervention, which obstructs hour work.
The largest percentage should be for the private sector as the public side has some bureaucratic procedures and fall under many regulatory agencies.
This indicates that there are very few barriers to trade in terms of high taxes on foreign businesses or arduous bureaucratic procedures for setting up a company, BMI Research said.
Slow bureaucratic procedures and inefficiency are a more plausible explanation, but why has no government tackled a problem everyone is aware of?
Sheikh Talal expressed hope that the competent Kuwaiti authorities would meet terms, set for hosting the games, but criticized time-wasting bureaucratic procedures at state's departments.
Improvements in courts and bureaucratic procedures were mainly the result of measures taken by governments, such as improvements in corporate governance standards in line with European Union standards, equipping courts with electronic case-management systems or the introduction of one-stop shops for registering new businesses.
This new system will be more hassle free and PIO's will not be required to undergo the bureaucratic procedures for staying back in India," the official said, admitting Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) schemes is more user-friendly, quick and simple.
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has approved the draft law on making amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan "on further simplification of the justice administration, reducing bureaucratic procedures," the press service of the President reported on November 17.
However, he said that the ruling party had also announced many good targets in its manifesto like reviving the closed industrial units, ensuring steady supply of energy to industrial hubs, making available ample credit on low interest rate to private sector, reducing bureaucratic procedures to speed up decision making, developing SMEs clusters at districts level, encouraging regional trade, making larger investment in human capital, creating Ministry of Energy to focus on energy and bringing reforms in Discos and Gencos etc.