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But we can say that, in general, the initiative was largely wielded by the bureaucratic center.
He said: "The real issue is that we're not building enough houses, and we're not building enough houses because we've got an antiquated planning system that's so bureaucratic.
But with bureaucratic problems plaguing the counter- terrorism project, only seven are left behind.
Corporate set of rules and regulations such as code of conduct and corporate governance policy override the organization and each and every staff member has to follow these set of rule to the t in order to satisfy the bureaucratic aim and expectations.
The Significance of Bureaucratic Administration to Modern Governance
The Bureaucratic Dimension in the Policymaking Process
How about putting people in jail then publicizing it as a deterrent instead of generating yet another expensive bureaucratic requirement for legitimate SDVOSBs?
He said the hospital's payroll distribution had been delayed for a few days each month recently due to bureaucratic delays in transferring funds from the Health Ministry, which pays salaries
The final section considers the functional mechanisms of bureaucratic organization--mechanisms whose distinctive character make the workings of this kind of organization difficult to keep track of.
ALMATY, Apr 14, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish State Minister for foreign trade Zafer Caglayan urged Kazakhstan to remove the bureaucratic obstacles before businessmen.
However, our bureaucratic masters in Brussels have decreed that we must reduce by half the amount of waste disposed in this manner.
This Article argues, to the contrary, that a moderate degree of bureaucratic insulation from political control alleviates rather than exacerbates the countermajoritarian problems inherent in bureaucratic policymaking.
Greater powers and simplified procedures are needed and not bureaucratic red tape measures.
This is an unnecessary, bureaucratic system that will achieve very little," said a Scottish Grocers' Federation spokesman.
As We Know It: Making Public Policy Work is a nonpartisan examination of the failings of bureaucratic government models with newer, leaner, and more creative approaches in keeping with the fast-paced and ever-changing information age.