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But we can say that, in general, the initiative was largely wielded by the bureaucratic center.
He said: "The real issue is that we're not building enough houses, and we're not building enough houses because we've got an antiquated planning system that's so bureaucratic.
While the National Counter Terrorism Centre has gone into cold storage because there was no consensus on the matter with non- Congress state governments opposing it on grounds that it was against the federal nature of the country, NATGRID has been hit by bureaucratic delays.
This article will critically scrutinise this bureaucratic process and amplify the voices of those being controlled and will highlight first-hand accounts of how teachers employ defence mechanisms ("performativities and fabrications") in order to resist evaluation as a form of bureaucratic and ideological control.
Bureaucratic Logic could be comprehended as the state whereby the organizational rules and policy dictates everything from input, outputs, productions, distribution, etc of services and goods within an organization.
This study is grounded in the considerable body of scholarship examining the exercise of power in bureaucratic organizations, the effects of bureaucratic organization on employees, and the increased scope and scale of bureaucratic rulemaking.
The theory that we shall seek to elaborate here puts considerable emphasis on bureaucratic instruments of democratizing states, the importance of an efficient bureaucracy for a democratic order, the contribution of bureaucratic institutions to democratic development, and the bureaucracy's relationship to a capitalist economy.
How about putting people in jail then publicizing it as a deterrent instead of generating yet another expensive bureaucratic requirement for legitimate SDVOSBs?
He said the hospital's payroll distribution had been delayed for a few days each month recently due to bureaucratic delays in transferring funds from the Health Ministry, which pays salaries
The final section considers the functional mechanisms of bureaucratic organization--mechanisms whose distinctive character make the workings of this kind of organization difficult to keep track of.
ALMATY, Apr 14, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish State Minister for foreign trade Zafer Caglayan urged Kazakhstan to remove the bureaucratic obstacles before businessmen.
However, our bureaucratic masters in Brussels have decreed that we must reduce by half the amount of waste disposed in this manner.
This Article argues, to the contrary, that a moderate degree of bureaucratic insulation from political control alleviates rather than exacerbates the countermajoritarian problems inherent in bureaucratic policymaking.
Greater powers and simplified procedures are needed and not bureaucratic red tape measures.
This is an unnecessary, bureaucratic system that will achieve very little," said a Scottish Grocers' Federation spokesman.