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Hirotaka Ono, chief of a division on corporate behavior at the METI's Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau, is the latest METI bureaucrat to leave the bureaucracy to take a new job.
More often than not," she points out, "one individual bureaucrat is not responsible for the goal; the focus is on the team.
The episode was an object lesson in how seemingly distant UN bureaucrats and programs can have a significant impact at the local level.
While the ministers are expected to ensure the blueprints thus prepared are carried to their logical conclusion, the actual day-to-day implementation is the responsibility of the secretaries, a recently retired bureaucrat revealed.
CBI did not comment on the allegations but did not even deny the reports of a senior bureaucrat trying to interfere in the investigation.
She has been coming in early and staying late,'' said the IRS bureaucrat.
Governments of many countries take these initiatives as a way of promoting social and economic development, and the converged interest has led to cooperation between feminists and bureaucrats in implementing the programs.
Every individual bureaucrat being interviewed was a primary unit of analysis and an individual case study.
Our bureaucrat points out the window, and asks, "Do you see that bridge?
Answer: as the warfare state metastasizes, its bureaucrats will continue to accumulate more power to monitor, control, and restrict the activities of law-abiding citizens.
If you doubt that, consider a scene later in the movie, when our antihero, applying for another job, is unable to speak to the bureaucrat behind the desk because the latter keeps disappearing and being replaced by someone new.
9) He observed that this system tended to displace the preferential treatment that former bureaucrats enjoyed under the Yoshida School, and he also noted that the LDP's former bureaucrat contingent was increasingly made up of people who left their ministries midcareer, rather than of the top-level bureaucrats who were the mainstays of early LDP cabinets.
From the get-go, the industry has been dominated by politicians, wealthy lawyers, accountants and cultural bureaucrats, a particularly hideous term that has special meaning in the minefield of arts funding in Canada; and Spencer is an accomplished cultural bureaucrat.
I would never encourage newsletter marketers to do anything illegal, but I would encourage them to "be prepared" for a visit someday from a bureaucrat of some stripe who is convinced that something you regard as a perfectly ordinary marketing ploy is somehow "fraudulent.
When I was a GP a bureaucrat called to say he wanted to take away my patients' medical records for some unexplained official reason.