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Synonyms for bureau

Synonyms for bureau

an administrative unit of government

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He noted that the central office of the bureau is being formed.
The visits also provided an opportunity for Al Etihad Credit Bureau to build bilateral relationship with other regional credit bureaus, establishing the potential for future collaborations and exchange of knowledge and experience.
Bureau of Information Resource Mgmt, Business Center Ms.
I was sure that, as in similar episodes in the past, a fair review would absolve the Bureau of blame for having missed signals that danger was near.
We will add additional personnel freed up by the AC-NP merger to the Political-Military Affairs Bureau (PM) to employ against urgent security issues such as MANPADS and defense trade controls.
A "marketplace watchdog," the bureau responds to all inquiries and business/customer relationship issues.
Deputy Chief Gary Brennan will move from heading the LAPD's Central Bureau to replace McMurray.
We have no real, in my opinion, records management system at the bureau.
The bureau was once recognized as one of the mainstay bureaus of the Foreign Ministry as it was largely responsible for debates on the Japan-U.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Employment, Hours, and Earnings, Current Employment Statistics (CES): www.
Cooksey, Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, said that Berrigan had been placed in administrative detention "for security reasons, pending a review of his case.
Some consumers are not as fortunate as the Johnsons, who had the credit card companies inform the credit bureau immediately of the mistake, and, in turn, had the credit bureau acknowledge the error and handle it expeditiously.
It was during this earlier time, in 1908, that Frank Parsons opened the Vocations Bureau in Boston.
In search of help, the foundry enlisted Vista Technologies LLC, a rapid prototyping (RP) service bureau in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.
That's a positive message," says Pennsylvania Farm Bureau president Guy Donaldson, "especially when you consider that last year the average American had to work until May 3 -- nearly three more months -- to pay taxes.