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any of several erect biennial herbs of temperate Eurasia having stout taproots and producing burs

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Just need a few butties and a bottle of dandelion and burdock for Tommy".
An old English name for Burdock was herrif taken from the Anglo-Saxon verb to seize.
Burdock, PhD, is president of the safety and regulatory consulting firm Burdock Group, Orlando, FL.
Overnight road closures are scheduled between Burdock Way and Hyde Park in Halifax for essential maintenance.
Burdock then struck what everybody considered was a clean base hit, about two rods back of short stop's position, the men on bases having confidence enough to come home.
Author Maureen Burdock presents students, academics, and general interest readers with a graphic novel examination of the stories of many women negotiating a wide variety of types of gender-based violence in multiple contexts, worldwide.
With moabi butter, shea butter, burdock extract, zinc sulfate, vitamin B7, lavender and chamomile, it is fabulously conditioning and just the thing for hands battered by the cold weather.
Access to a market that sells such items as miso, sake, burdock root, sour plums or katsuobushi flakes requires that the user have some basic ingredients for success; but those with such access (or internet mail-order) will find these methods revealing and unusual and will appreciate the wealth of flavors that are unique representations of the Japanese method of preserving.
Michelle Muirhead had a less serious take on it: "The real crime is buying dandelion and burdock.
Due to Antioxidant property and that drugs give good results & reduce the glucose level, some herbal folk medicinal plants have been reported which are useful in diabetes treatment such as burdock roots, milk thistle seeds and forssk flowers, because they are rich in antioxidants and because of its anti- inflammatory, anti-tumor/cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-microbial and antiviral effects [6], [7], [8].
Escape from Baxter's Barn tells of Burdock, a barn cat who sneaks into a farmhouse for some warmth, only to discover that all of the farm animals are threatened and need to escape.
We used to cycle to her shop from Croxteth, just for a couple of glasses of dandelion and burdock.
Brown the cow, Nanny the goat and her kid, Tick--work with Burdock to concoct an escape plan.
Jasmine green tea supports skin health and is accompanied by burdock root, which aids liver function and promotes clear skin.
Darcy Burdock is an engaging, imaginative 10 year old, just about to start at 'Big School'.