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any of several erect biennial herbs of temperate Eurasia having stout taproots and producing burs

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There's no burdock around our Carmarthenshire home, and no ransoms, an excellent wild garlic.
Ruby-throated hummingbird, Archilochus colubris, entanglements in burdock, Arctium spp.
We add the first documented account of mortality of the Least Flycatcher in burdock (Table 1).
Mawson's, an 80-year-old family business, has revived two traditional drinks ( dandelion and burdock and cream soda.
Some of the best alterative herbs to clear the lymph system are red root, cleavers, mullein, calendula, burdock, stinging nettles, sassafras, and red clover, although the list could go on.
ASHLEY Burdock, a site operations manager at Prosper De Mulder Group in Widnes, has won the Chartered Management Institute's annual National Merit Award.
Other subcommittees and the selected representatives are the Food Additives and Ingredients Subcommittee--George Burdock (Burdock Group); Contaminants and Natural Toxicants Subcommittee--Henry Chin (National Food Processors Association); Food Biotechnology Subcommittee--Jeffrey Barach (National Food Processors Association); Infant Formula Subcommittee--William MacLean and the Nutrition Subcommittee--Guy Johnson (Nutrition Solutions).
Coventry band The Old No7 and Derbyshire band Burdock will play at the pub at 8pm.
In some ways it tastes like a mix of flat cola, dandelion and burdock with perhaps a touch of Dr Pepper - the flat part is mainly because I mixed it with still water and my tastebuds seem to think that all soft drinks should be fizzy, a sign probably that I grew up drinking too much cola.
Lemon, Dandelion and Burdock and Iron are modified versions of the original products and a new flavour, Lime, has been introduced.
Learn how to find, identify and use wild foods: dandelions, nettle, burdock, edible mushrooms.
5 litre bottles of Idris Ginger Beer or Dandelion and Burdock at a special price over the next few weeks.
DU has entered into a number of lease and/or purchase agreements with respect to surface and mineral rights in the area of the known Dewey Burdock uranium deposit in South Dakota, U.
Herbs such as sarsaparilla, burdock and immune support from golden seal and marigold can make a big difference.
And although the cobbles of yesteryear have now gone, the drinks remained the same, from cloudy lemonade to cream soda and dandelion and burdock.