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Synonyms for burdenless

not encumbered with a physical burden or load


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They had wanted to make human beings immortal like themselves, but human mothers gave their children the breast instead of the 'water of life,' 'and thereafter all the burdenless accoutrements of the sky world were, of necessity, exchanged for the care and toil known to earthlings" (ibid.
The choice to forgive and to touch may reveal a will to be at peace and burdenless both within the self and in connection with the world.
He took my mobile number, a description of the bag and contents - some of them perishable, others fragile just to add to the entertainment - and I headed for home, unburdened and burdenless.
Site inspections and rigorous background checks are equally burdenless since there are plenty of clean crooks to front a business.
Worldly Wiseman, who tried to convince Christian that he would lead a happier life if he gave up his trip toward the light and settled down to the comforts of a burdenless town life.