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Synonyms for burbling

emitting a murmuring sound felt to resemble a laugh

Synonyms for burbling

uttered with unrestrained enthusiasm

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If the snakehead happens to be lurking a few weeds away, it does not take long for it to track down a blundering, burbling frog.
HERMEL, Lebanon: Sitting behind tables arranged in a U shape, with a river burbling gently behind them, a group of young Syrian and Lebanese teens solemnly listen to one of their peers reading out what he sees as the reasons behind the Syrian conflict.
Just weeks ago Cameron's Conservatives were burbling on about how they would cut back the role of the state - but people need a Government like Labour that is on their side, not one that would just leave them on their own.
The poor boy's got so deluded that he sits at his bomb-proof desk behind a pair of Ray-Bans, burbling half-remembered John le Carre.
Whether through the Quranic imagery of the slinking, burbling "Akbar Virgin" or the cleverly minimalist cover of the late Gwen Guthrie's classic "Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent," Clay skillfully manages to keep it light when the concepts get heavy.
Elsewhere, mad Doctor May from EastEnders - playing the wife of last week's spouse-beating youth club leader - starts burbling at the news her violent husband has woken up out of his coma.
The poetically named La Cocina Que Canta ("the kitchen that sings") sits in the midst of a 6-acre organic farm, with the sounds of burbling stone fountains drifting through open windows.
The water began burbling sometime before Easter when a pipeline ruptured near the water meter of a house at Day Street and Durkee Avenue at the base of Blanchard Canyon.
IT is a low-slung Italian thoroughbred that is beautifully sculpted, stunning in bright red livery with a delightfully burbling engine noise and savage peformance.
Seeing the mutton-chopped one burbling through the wee screen at you would be enough to make me give up breathing never mind punting.
Then, amidst the trials and traumas that come from being a teenager in an unfamiliar and stratified society and falling in love, memories of her dead father's sexual abuse come burbling to the surface.
The mounting climax in the opening Allegro was built on sure foundations of growing energy and intensity, while the Scherzo sparkled brightly with merrily burbling bassoons and stout work from the rest of the woodwind and horns.
Whether it was the industrial-strength eye makeup, the cotton-candy wiglets woven together and teased into a cascading pink mane, or the helium-inflected Georgia drawl punctuated with babyish cooing and upper-register burbling, I was hooked.
There are a couple of indoor rooms with single beds, but the burbling water, lush gardens, and ethereal decor of the Sanctuary lure visitors outside, I'm reminded of stories of Asheville's heyday when people flocked to the mountains to "take to air"--and I realize how seldom I sleep outside, within earshot of crickets and frogs.
THE six dopey potholers who got themselves stuck in a Mexican cave have returned home burbling complaints about their treatment at the hands of the local authorities.