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Synonyms for bunt

(baseball) the act of hitting a baseball lightly without swinging the bat

disease of wheat characterized by replacement of the grains with greasy masses of smelly smut spores

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similar to Tilletia caries

fungus that destroys kernels of wheat by replacing them with greasy masses of smelly spores

hit a ball in such a way so as to make it go a short distance

to strike, thrust or shove against


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2B hesitates in case of a hard bunt through P and 1st baseman, then covers 1st in case the out at 3rd isn't an option.
Steve Lowson and Diane Bunt represent a high standard of excellence, and we are pleased with the board's recognition of their many contributions to Sequa Corporation.
Krishnananda Hegde's narrative takes the reader back to an era when the Bunts were struggling to come out of the medieval mindset and set foot on the threshold of modernity.
Bradley went 2 for 3 with a bunt single and double in his return, but didn't score or drive in a run.
Each hitter can be given a certain number of chances to execute any hitting skill desired by the coach, such as a drag bunt, hit and run, hit behind the runner, fake bunt and swing, and normal cuts.
The bunt has to be absolutely perfect,'' said Tracy, offering what would seem to be a perfect argument against doing it in the first place.
You can also position both buckets on the same side several feet apart and tell the players to bunt the ball between them.
Before joining Sequa, Bunt was an associate with the New York firm, Chadbourne & Parke LLP, where she began her law career in 1990.
That brought up the slumping shortstop Cesar Izturis, who also tried to bunt with the Dodgers trailing by a run and only two outs left to work with.
The first time Greg came up to the plate in a bunting situation, he laid down a perfect bunt.
With a runner on first and nobody out, Nook Logan popped up a bunt toward the mound.
We are the only publication ever to get Tim McCarver to lay down a bunt for us
It took Shields just a few seconds to bobble Marco Scutaro's bunt and rush a throw that short-hopped Chone Figgins and carried into right field.
How to create defensive pressure and enhance your offense with the bunt
Director Gary Bunt said the company planned to enter established European markets such as France and Germany after completing a viability study.