bunny rabbit

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(usually informal) especially a young rabbit

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Bunny Rabbit gets top billing, but what makes her shtick click is the integration of beats and sound collages courtesy of Black Cracker (alias spoken word artist Celena Glenn), her partner in life as well as art.
The plate has a colorful border design surrounding a white bunny rabbit.
Should you be watching your figure, then you can always eschew the ginger bunny and opt instead for a more permanent rabbit companion in the form of the Bunny Rabbit Finger Puppet, but watch out for the candy stick underneath -resist it if you dare.
Guess where the bunny rabbit is dreaming about lobster and lettuce.
The earthworms are a good idea, if you can get them without the rabbits, but don't mention bunny rabbit fur coats.
I'm being a bunny rabbit today," Kelly answered with a big smile on her face.
But eventually, like most people, I suppose, I grew accustomed to its face, and even developed a particular fondness for the opera house with its good acoustics, fine sight fines, and that odd curtain with what has always looked to me to be a bunny rabbit motif on it.
In a statement to our cynical world, Ramsey explains: "All radio and television personalities treat movie folk like a kind of cute bunny rabbit with the fluffy tail.
nosto=nosto_sitewide_recently_viewed) Party Pieces website , the roadkill costume is a grey bunny rabbit onesie with blood on it and tire marks across the body.
com)-- Peaksel LLC has just launched three animal live wallpapers and those are Kitty Cat Live Wallpaper, Bunny Rabbit Live Wallpaper and Dog Live Wallpaper.
We got there, explained we had come to collect two animals and they came back with one cat and the other animal was a bunny rabbit.
Instead of just having straightforward, imageless packaging, Poly-Commodity went with a softer style that features a white bunny rabbit.
More than 40 years after I first heard Captain Kangaroo read it to Bunny Rabbit and Mr.
In just one night of sustained wrecking, the bunny rabbit can destroy hundreds of valuable plants by nibbling at them.
He jumps like a bunny rabbit, except for going for safety at the last and Norman said that at no point was he going to come down.