bunny rabbit

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(usually informal) especially a young rabbit

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Instead of just having straightforward, imageless packaging, Poly-Commodity went with a softer style that features a white bunny rabbit.
The Italian, who was champion jockey in 1994 and 1995, is now leading by 157-155 thanks to an 8-1 double on on Grosvenor Square and Bunny Rabbit, while the reigning champion drew a blank.
Visiting artist Eduardo Kac, a transgenic artist most known for his invention of a genetically engineered fluorescent bunny rabbit, discusses his recent work.
More than 40 years after I first heard Captain Kangaroo read it to Bunny Rabbit and Mr.
In just one night of sustained wrecking, the bunny rabbit can destroy hundreds of valuable plants by nibbling at them.
Keepsake Dolls are available in the following styles: 16" bear wearing a flower dress and matching hair bow; 16" bear wearing blue jean coveralls and plaid shirt; 8" bear with blue or pink neck bow; 16" doll wearing a pink dress, white lace trim and white pantaloons; 16" doll in a two piece pink/lavender or blue/gold jogging outfit with matching hat; 16" doll in a pink or blue one piece sleeper with floppy bunny rabbit ears; 9" bean filled pink or blue baby with removable hat; 9" bean filled green flower baby with removable flower hat.
It can also be treated as a pet game, featuring cute bunny rabbit instead of the usual cat or dog pet.
Zero, Zilch, Nada: Counting to None is a high-spirited children's picturebook about a bright, anthropomorphic bunny rabbit with a math problem.
The story is about a bunny rabbit named "Little Mookey" who flies to the moon and sculpts a giant bunny rabbit that you can see during a full moon.
ANIMAL rescuers are looking for the owners of this giant fluffy bunny rabbit after he was found in a city park The grey and white Giant Lop-eared rabbit was spotted hopping about in Middlemore Park, West Heath.
And by way of thanks, the pupils were treated to a visit from one of the RSPCA's residents - a fluffy bunny rabbit.
Alright My Son gave due notice that his maiden days were numbered after losing out narrowly in a ding-dong struggle with Bunny Rabbit in a Newmarket nursery.
We're off to buy Abbie the bunny rabbit she asked for but she had a wonderful time at her party on Saturday and said she felt like a princess in her party dress.
He jumps like a bunny rabbit, except for going for safety at the last and Norman said that at no point was he going to come down.
Moose, Bunny Rabbit, Grandfather Clock and new friends Joey the Kangaroo, a 6-foot-tall, walk-about costume character; and Copernicus P.