bunny girl

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a young waitress in a nightclub whose costume includes the tail and ears of a rabbit


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htm) pet monkey, Mally, was confiscated by customs officers , Justin Bieber has found comfort with some other playmates, this time in the shape of busty bunny girls.
The additional victims include a Playboy bunny girl and the only man slain by the killer dubbed the Yorkshire Ripper, say the authors.
KATE Moss has celebrated her 40th birthday by posing for Playboy as a bunny girl with her butt sticking up in the air.
KELLY Brook is turning bunny girl - by dressing like Jessica Rabbit to appear in a new video for chart stars Lawson.
A number of women MPs had objected to Top Totty with its picture of a bunny girl.
Marie Webster, chief executive of the shelter, said staff donned bunny girl outfits.
I don't want him to think that's all I do" Former Steps singer Claire Richards, above, says her four-year-old son inspired her to sign up for the TV show Popstar To Operastar "Perhaps bunnies are a bit twee by today's standards but it was a highly-respected and prestigious job" Former Playboy Club bunny girl Heather Colne-Bird, 70, discussing the opening of Hugh Hefner's new London club "Perhaps my knighthood has been lost in the post.
O'Shea throws a pale blazer over a naughty, Bunny girl T-shirt and saves the day.
BEST-SELLING author Lesley Pearse has had more drama in her life than most of the heroines in her books - early years in an orphanage, London life as a bunny girl, three marriages, bankruptcy, a close shave in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand, to name but a few.
There are quite a few notables who were born on May 8, but I decided against the Playboy bunny girl and the self-opinionated Edward Gibbon who wrote Decline and Fall Of The Roman Empire which did neither.
delivered with aperfectly-measured bunny girl inflection.
5lb, was shocked into slimming after seeing a picture of herself dressed as a bunny girl last Christmas.
Today, the free video platform releases "How to Interview: Naked Guy Unzipped," starring beauty expert and celebrity esthetician Scott-Vincent Borba, and "How to Interview: Bunny Girl Unzipped.
The next night housemates were rewarded for passing a task with a Playboy-style party, in which all the women wore Playboy bunny girl outfits.