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Synonyms for bunny

a young waitress in a nightclub whose costume includes the tail and ears of a rabbit


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(usually informal) especially a young rabbit

References in classic literature ?
Come, come, Bunny, there wasn't much inveigling about it," said he.
Only believe me, Bunny, when I swear to you that I had not the smallest shadow of a suspicion that she was in the house.
Well, Bunny, if they don't want you there, there's a little Inferno in the Albany where you will be as welcome as ever
His former best friend, Nasir--of African-American and Filipino descent--hates Bunny for abandoning their neighborhood school and team.
AROMATIC: Bunny Chow is deliciously tasty South African street food which is made with aromatic spices.
A soft, cuddly bunny is fun to hold and snuggle up to.
Wolfie the Bunny Written by Ame Dyckman Illustrated by Zachariah O'Hora Weston Woods 90 Old Sherman Turnpike, Danbury, CT 06816 www.
Snapchat has more variety to choose from, and of course the bunny lens that transforms the user into an adorable bunny with a high voice is available in the app as well.
When Europeans started immigrating to America in the 1700's, they introduced the tradition of an Easter bunny delivering eggs to children, turning it into a worldwide Easter tradition, according to History.
When winter comes, book-loving Bunny can no longer eavesdrop on the library's outdoor story time.
THE ROTUND, 260-pound John Bunny (1863-1915) was America's first international cinema comedy star.
THE army of leggy girls who work as Bunnies all undergo training in what they call Bunny Service.
com)-- A little over a week from now, the Easter bunny will be hopping into hearts, at fields and in backyards all over the country.
Alex receives a very traditional book from his Gran for his birthday, Birthday Bunny is the story of a bunny who thinks all his friends have forgotten his birthday and consequently feels very miserable.
JOKE TIME jewellery Once you it, with You or Why was the Easter Bunny so upset?