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Synonyms for bunny

a young waitress in a nightclub whose costume includes the tail and ears of a rabbit


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(usually informal) especially a young rabbit

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As Secretary Of State, Hillary Clinton gained invaluable experience negotiating with foreign leaders, and the Bunnies can definitely relate to negotiating through a language barrier.
These bunnies have their own room, Christmas tree (with carrot topper), colorful fleece holiday blankets and photo sitting at the mall with Santa -- which of course will become a picture framed and displayed in the couple's cozy and immaculate home.
So, don't forget to get your copy of tomorrow's South Wales Echo for more of your cute photos and to find out who has been picked as our Easter Bunnies 2014 winners.
For a seated meal, add small bunnies holding place cards and menu cards for each guest.
Nearly 100 bunnies are being removed each month from the airport by the USDA Wildlife Service because the animals are chewing cables underneath cars and causing thousands of dollars in damages.
As the bunny gazes at his watch, we find out that it has been long enough to watch paint dry, learn to play an accordion solo or gather dust bunnies that look like Uncle Vinnie.
The rabbits will be rampant next spring as Cadbury and Mars make the Caramel and Malteaster bunnies a more significant part of their Easter "novelty" chocolates fixture.
Then I gave him the second one on Easter and before you know it, they were multiplying like bunnies.
Greengrove, the teacher, takes both bunnies away from the girls.
Nothing Mr WabbitC*uh I mean Bugs I was inspired to sing about bunnies after watching a re-enactment of the Highlander by Bunnies at www.
The new collection of bunnies includes a 4ins beanie, a 7ins bunny packaged in a gift box, and including accessories such as birthday cakes and candles, and two different 10ins bunnies.
Boule, the pastry shop owned by Michelle Myers of Sona restaurant, offers truffle-filled chocolate eggs and milk or dark chocolate bunnies, marshmallows in rose, lemon and passion fruit flavors, macaroons, egg-shaped cakes and more.
Out of 50 or 60 bunnies, there were probably three or four Black bunnies.
Giant Lindt Gold Bunnies will be on display for one day only to get people in the mood for Easter.
Children had the chance to win prizes by searching for 15 cut-out wooden painted bunnies and eggs hidden around the farm park near Warwick.