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someone who occupies the same sleeping quarters as yourself

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As my one bunkmate so eloquently explained his living conditions to his wife, "We are so close together that to the right, I can hear the person's heart skip a beat, and to the left, I can see the person's dream.
Medical records reveal that he "began going to the base psychiatrist [claiming], 'I'm in love with my bunkmate,'" says Charles R.
After an evening of drinking, a relatively "sober" Arthur, pleading for sleep, meets resistance from his "beastly drunk" bunkmate, who proposes more "frolic" outdoors.
Haney describes how he shot the apparent leader of a guerrilla band through the neck, only to later turn over the body and discover it was his former Green Beret bunkmate, David .
When Queequeg, his assigned bunkmate for the evening, arrives in their shared room, he carries another trophy, a human head, that horrifies Ishmael.
A bunkmate of mine whom everyone liked was Robert Moses Wechsler--Bob to all.
I was a week away from the red chip when they outed me from Gay AA for phonesex in the detox closet, swilling bottles of phony cologne - Esprit, bootlegged by my bunkmate, a walleyed cowboy from Melville, Long Island.
Chris played Lister's long-dead bunkmate aboard the massive mining ship Red Dwarf, who is brought back to life in the form of a hologram.
It doesn't help that he's in a different bunk than his old friends Ty and Will and new friend Tarik, from the Bronx, but he does find some satisfaction in helping out a younger bunkmate.
Also in the lineup is the BunkMate, a smaller version of the Crash Pad for bunk beds, available with a 7- or a 5.
Of course everyone denied it, but I suspected my bunkmate, Tommy, who had taken bets on how long I would last.
1) Captain Lionel March's "stumbling confession" and "open avowal" of having "'fallen for'" his bunkmate Cocoanut ("Other Boat" 186-87) attests to Foucault's rather poetic claim in "A Preface to Transgression" that sexuality exposes "the limit of language, since it traces that line of foam showing just how far speech may advance upon the sands of silence" (Language 30).
This may be observed in the camper/staff member immediately affected, or in a bunkmate or friend.
And Cedric is unusually keen to be Edward's bunkmate.
Repeat on the left (Hint: Keep ahold of the right side or have a bunkmate lend a hand).