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Synonyms for bungling

Synonyms for bungling

showing lack of skill or aptitude

lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands

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Clarence Forrest, Luke Hill and Gary Slater's break-in bid was dubbed "ill-thought out, bungling and amateurish" at Birmingham Crown Court.
And now we have the ugly sight of the coalition ripping itself apart, blaming each other for their bungling mishandling of the flood crisis.
Bungling Aer Lingus bosses were left red-faced yesterday after abandoning 150 paying passengers to make their way home by bus.
Outgoing LAUSD Superintendent Ruben Zacarias said goodbye this week to the nation's second-largest school district, admitting it is so mired in bureaucratic bungling and beset by such serious academic and leadership problems that it has little hope for success.
That way neither taxpayers nor ratepayers would be ripped off to cover up the bungling by their state government.
They nearly pulled it off despite bungling things badly in the second quarter.
IT was bungling at the Federal Bureau of Investigation that Timothy McVeigh used to justify his despicable bombing of Oklahoma City's Murrah Federal Building back in 1995.
But the biggest problem seems to be that the bureaucrats are having a hard time learning the new system, and they're bungling the paperwork.
BUNGLING robbers spent all night tunnelling underground into a bank - but surfaced in an ESTATE AGENTS next door
It's hard to imagine that Davis' political career will withstand his own bungling.
John Major kicked bungling Stephen Dorrell out of his job for attacking Labour devolution plans yesterday - but bungled the sacking.
Articles like this regarding LAUSD and the bungling city of L.
Men, Women & Dogs'' is yet another bungling singles sitcom with generic, interchangeable characters and a threadbare premise upon which all hangs.
They also want its head, bungling Wim - known as Dim - Duisenberg, to face counterfeiting charges.
The only thing that comes to mind after reading today's article (regarding the removal of the county seals from the Hall of Administration Hearing Room altogether) is a picture of the ACLU fat-cats sitting in the seats at the hearing room, smoking their fat cigars and giggling at the bungling supervisors.