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HOURS of frustration for DIY bunglers are about to come to an end thanks to the UK'S first flat-pack furniture assembly firm.
This is why, should they take the trouble to find out, Everton's boardroom bunglers would have heard hoots of mass derision from a fan base who have grown used to these ridiculous stunts: Exhibit A: Alan Shearer, subject of an pounds 11mbid from Everton just hours after Newcastle United had agreed a pounds 15m fee with Blackburn Rovers.
His cat burglar John Robie glides over the tiled rooftops of Monaco like Astaire crossing a ballroom, making even Steve McQueen and Pierce Brosnan seem like graceless bunglers.
The defense team, headed by chief counsel William Neukom, is portrayed as full of white-shoe bunglers who lacked a taste for the jugular.
One in seven bunglers have received an electric shock.
Do Brown and his band of bunglers think they are leaving the country in a state of utopia?
LUCKY politicians are perceived as mere bunglers, the less fortunate as crooks.
Dear Editor, The two incom-petent bunglers, Tom Watson and Sion Simon (failed conspiritors both) have made themselves a laughing stock yet again, but not in the way they intended (Cameron spoof hit by Tories, Post, Oct 12).
Police now believe the gang were inexperienced bunglers not hardened pros.
Instead, let's pin medals on the bunglers and purge the truth tellers.
But he is still putting on a better show than Britain's bunglers - only THREE of the apparently strong raiding party made it safely through to the final two rounds.
It is frightening to think how much Britain's own secret service must rely on the US bunglers.
But Wheaton's reporting ultimately revels the police not as complicit schemers but as pitful bunglers who couldn't even keep track of the rally's starting time.
SUNDAY'S London Marathon will go ahead - with Olympic bunglers G4S helping provide security for runners.
Still, with the bunglers we've got in control of our society I dread to think what might become of us in a real crisis.