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an elasticized rope


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The Spider is a frame with bungee ropes attached, which holds youngsters in place while physiotherapists work on improving their strength, posture and muscle tone.
Yummy Mummies' stomach muscles ping back like over-stretched bungee ropes the minute they give birth.
The secret was the bungee ropes on which they were suspended and the skills of the men working the ropes.
Extreme ironing has taken place underwater, atop mountains, on the end of bungee ropes and attached to base jumpers
Making bungee ropes and other diverse components helped furniture textiles group Worthington keep its bounce at a time of sagging furniture sales, the company claimed yesterday.
The space has bungee ropes suspended from the ceiling, a sprung floor, and fully padded walls which help prevent any training or rehearsal injuries.
She was delighted when the centre offered not only climbing, but also bungee ropes, which have been incorporated into the layout of the small primates' enclosure.
Some 11 performers, attached to a giant suspended screen with bungee ropes, tackled the theme of climate change through aerial theatre and video footage.
GREAT FAMILY EVENT A youngster enjoys the trampoline bungee ropes at an Ouseburn Festival event
Just the simple movement of bouncing up and down meant me having to pull on the bungee ropes, while lifting my knees up to my chest.