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an elasticized rope


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Competitors put it under their arm and have to walk backwards as far as possible until the bungee rope pulls the buoy away," explains Richard.
Australian tourist, Erin Langworthy, leapt off the bridge over the the Zambezi River and as she fell, the bungee rope broke sending her head first into the water below.
Of course, as you freefall down through an Australian forest towards a fast approaching pond, the last thing on your mind tends to be: 'I do hope that young man who tied me to the bungee rope has got his safety certificates up to date.
LUCKY Anton Murtagh narrowly escaped death when his bungee rope snapped - sending him plunging into the water 150ft below.
Congo Bongo is a giant indoor playground for children, featuring a climbing wall, trampoline and bungee rope, video games,and an elaborate tunnel system.
Dave Roberts dived 160ft from the top of the landmark attached to a bungee rope - unlike relative Daniel McAllister who jumped for a sixpence bet with a drinking buddy.
But even Richard Kettlewell is unsure how he will handle his latest task - plunging 300ft on a bungee rope.
After what felt like an eternity, I felt the bungee rope do what it's supposed to.
SWINGSHOT - Catapulting from a giant bungee rope is his best hope of rapidly bouncing back in any sport.
Delights of week two included Sid on that bungee rope ("Gotta go, bye
Children aged six to 13 can try to beat the record in the crate climbing event, while attached to a bungee rope.
GoldenEye opens with Pierce Brosnan's 007 leaping from the dam attached to the bungee rope.
SAQ - standing for speed, agility, quickness - is a gym room assault course which uses gel-filled cushions and bungee rope waist bands.
An ankle harness is also joined up to the leads linked on to the elastic bungee rope.
Because Dave, an independent mayoral candidate for Middlesbrough, will be attached to a bungee rope when he takes the 160ft leap - and the only money he will collect will be for charity.