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an elasticized rope


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The bungee cords hold the brush on the blind," he said.
Secure a bunch of small bungee cords vertically between wire shelves to contain big, bulky bedspreads and quilts.
The discipline involves being suspended from two bungee cords strapped to either side of you, so you can bounce up and down, performing stunts like inversions and somersaults by pulling on the cords.
On two aircraft, bungee cords that secured the CPAL netting for the upper equipment bay, aft of the seat, were sitting on the canopy rail.
At least 82 youths, mostly boys with an average age of 13, have been killed wrapping dog leads, bungee cords or other ligatures around their necks to temporarily cut blood flow to their head.
Navy commander will run the equivalent distance on a treadmill - 210 miles above Earth in the international space station, and she'll be tethered to her track by bungee cords so she does not float away.
Hand sanitizer, bungee cords, two-year-old mints, bike light and cough drops
After choosing ``The War is a Lie'' sign, he armed himself with duct tape and bungee cords, then ducked up a corkscrew ramp.
Forget the Man in Chair--Tarzan features a shipwreck, troops of flying monkeys, and more bungee cords than have ever been seen on a Broadway stage.
A young woman with climbing gear and bungee cords attempts to scale the skeletal metal structure without using the steps but keeps slipping until, after tremulously hanging there in a sort of Liebestod--in place of the erotic encounter between human and machine as in Soft Materials, it's an erotic encounter with machine-age architecture--she plunges from daylight into a nocturnal realm where she is tormented by sirenlike voices singing an expressionistic, operatic vocal score (mostly in German, and featuring snatches of Rilke) until she finally surrenders to their call and is helped down.
It's equipped with bungee cords to simulate 60 percent of Earth's gravity and to keep the user from floating away.
Short of giving them all bungee cords, we need to collaborate with government and with each other to find solutions.
Target arrived with tents, a motorcycle fleet, free foldup carts with bungee cords and two loaded trailer trucks -- all in bright red with the white bull's-eye -- and sold roughly 7,000 Haier machines in seven hours.
And with bungee cords wrapped around the trucks and your feet.
Previous platform trainers that used bungee cords did not work" says Wehrell.