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an elasticized rope


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The revolutionary Python Cut-To-Fit Bungee Kit comes complete with 72 inches of super-strength UV resistant bungee cord tubing; six custom-contoured high-impact hooks that won't scratch or rust; six plugs for securing the hooks; and one custom cutting tool.
More than 150 pupils from schools in Birmingham and Walsall were challenged to calculate the correct length of bungee cord needed to safely complete a leap.
Wooten and her then-husband Bill, complete with a VW bug that had a bungee cord holding down the hood, owned the Odyssey Coffee Shop at a location just south of what's now the Hilton.
Inside this one is a rubber chicken, a bungee cord, some beer cans, and, beneath the whole mess, a crumpled American flag.
GoldenEye opens with Pierce Brosnan's 007 leaping from the dam attached to the bungee cord.
The court heard that two people suffered minor bruising after a bungee cord snapped midway through the ride, which propelled a cage 150ft into the air, at the Hoppings Fair in Newcastle in June 1999.
For years," he confides," I thought his story about jumping off the Space Needle in Seattle attached by just a Band-Aid to the end of a bungee cord within a promotional stunt for the Johnson & Johnson company might have a grain of truth to it somewhere" It turned out that Frazier was wrong on this one.
Velcro pockets on each side provide additional storage, and the bungee cord in front is ideal for carrying a jacket, sweatshirt or sweater.
She said: "I had to swim down and yank the bungee cord out of whatever it was caught on to make it to the surface.
The cages are devoid of toys - a no-no Mootnick says - but the occasional rope or bungee cord mimics natural vines.
An easily detachable bungee cord hooks onto a loop sewn into the pocket, providing both convenience and security.
But it's the bungee cord he is strapping to the ankles of nervous players that has given designer William Hunt the greatest satisfaction from his love affair with the game.
The unit must fold up and include a bungee cord with each to secure the closed unit.
There's also a place to attach a light should you wish to run in the dark, and some bungee cord on the back so you can stash your belongings away securely.
Langworthy survived, despite falling head-first into the rapids when her bungee cord snapped as she leaped from the 111m-high bridge on New Year's Eve.