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an elasticized rope


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For the past six months, Bungee Labs has been working with the beta versions of Firefox 3.
Explaining why she took on the bungee challenge, Lisa said: "I saw an article about The George Hardwick Foundation which supported me and my husband Andrew.
Over a third have visited more than 20 countries and 15 per cent have taken part in adventure activities like bungee jumping or abseiling on recent hols.
Sponsorship forms for the bungee jump are available from the Avon Mill.
The decision follows the death of a 22-year-old during a charity bungee jump eight days ago.
Peter Lazurus, the solicitor acting for Llanelli-based Freefall Bungee Wales refused to comment beyond saying: "Our sympathies go out to the family.
Given that background on Bungee and the potential conflicts of interest, I filed a demand for more information about Bungee.
The thrillseeker leapt from the observation deck of Auckland's 1076ft Sky Tower, secured by a bungee cord and two support cables to stop him from hitting the building on his way down.
For more specifics on Bungee Labs and its Bungee Connect development and hosting platform-as-a-service, see http://www.
Nine-year-old Bailey Fenwick from Middlesbrough: "I'd really like to do a bungee jump somewhere.
The jump crew at Highland Fling Bungee were the witnesses as Ross Basham, 33, and Hannah Phillips, 27, tied the knot at Garry Bridge, Perthshire.
CALLING all adrenaline junkies - Bungee Fest is coming to Liverpool this summer.
They're easy to use and each Bungee (TM) brings to life its very own story.
For most people, bungee jumping once in a lifetime in itself is an exhilarating, life-changing experience.