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It might not have been the best of Claridge's 17 goals this season, but it was enough to complete the nightmare run of one point out of 18 that has cost Nilsson's men a place in the First Division's annual end-of-season bunfight.
And top scorer Anelka believes the key will be the fiveway bunfight at the top with the Blues, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham all taking points off each other.
Instead of being a big chav bunfight, the Trisha Show will start to look like a cocktail party in a Richard Curtis film, and the only social problems we'll have to watch out for are flying Cava corks and witty remarks.
The final score was 5-5 - just as well as it threatened to turn into a real bunfight.
No mindless bunfight greeted this year's end of what has been a vibrant and exciting Warwick & Leamington Festival.
Because when Becky decides to throw a birthday party for her ex-boyfriend Jason, it turns into a bunfight at the Rovers Return.
The Bridlington bunfight is less competitive than usual thanks to the BDO's decision to grant their top eight players a straight passage into the last 16.
If they don't have a wobble than it's going to be a bunfight for the play-offs but at this stage you won't find anyone from the likes of us and Southampton giving up.
As we struggle towards the finishing line in this glorious sporting bunfight, we've bagged a miserable clutch of medals, leaving us behind other great sporting nations such as Kazakhstan.
It would be lovely to find the Ladbrokes Bunbury Cup winner, and assorted writers will try to do just that on the following pages, but having been tempted by now absent King's Apostle, this pounds 100,000 bunfight has also been filed in the too difficult tray.
And, ultimately, they still remain in 10th position albeit only a point shy of the bunfight for the play-offs.
At least during the bunfight that is Kentucky Derby week at Churchill Downs with thousands of people on the backstretch, there is a little clue.
SOLICITOR-General Harriet Harman and another senior government minister were to be the VIP guests at a swanky Liverpool Tate Gallery business bunfight.
One of them, Portsmouth, obviously had no choice once Harry Redknapp had walked out, but six is still an astonishingly high number especially when you consider that no team are tailed off and it looks like there could yet be a real bunfight for sixth place.
ONE of the arguments put forward in the tawdry legal bunfight to sneak Dwain Chambers into the Olympics by the back door was the assertion it was unfair on him because he would be able to compete if he represented any other country apart from possibly Denmark and China.